World's Fastest Car Builder Sends Us The Next Mercedes-AMG GT

You're looking at the Mercedes SLS AMG's upcoming little brother, the AMG GT. And you have John Hennessey to thank for it.

We get a lot of fun tips in our Jalopnik hotline, like this one from John Hennessey, the dude who builds the world's fastest production car.


Here's his message:

Pic from the summit of Independence Pass just east of Aspen today. My friend was driving his Porsche and sent me the shot.

Just a totally normal camo'd car shot, just that it happens to come from quite possibly the most power-crazed man in Texas, which is saying something.


The original picture he sent us is above, and below is a closeup of what is most definitely the future AMG GT. Mercedes photographed an AMG GT in this very camo setup, and that's as much confirmation as we need.

What's cool about this shot is you can get a sense of how dramatic the car is. Like, a solid 50% of this thing is engine bay.


With a twin-turbo 4.0 liter V8, that's understandable.


Photo Credits: John Hennessey's Friend

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