If you live somewhere that isn't New Jersey or Oregon, chances are you'll be pumping your own gas. But how young is too young to learn how to do it? I'd say three years old is probably too young. That's just me.

Theresa Moran Camara was spotted at a gas station in Lancaster, PA letting her three year old son fill up a gas tank just like an adult. She also let him spill gas on himself when he took it out of the car... just like an adult. 


Camara left the gas station before cops arrived, but bystanders gave her license plate info to the cops and they caught up to her later on. Totally made up reports state that Camara's son was about to change the oil in her Rav4 when cops came to question her.

She has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

(Hat Tip to $kaycog!)

Photo Credit: Shutterstock