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Word! Donnas in Upcoming VW Ad!

We just got a bulletin from Bay Area homegirls the Donnas announcing that they've got a cover of "The Safety Dance" up on their Myspace profile player (which is really rather awesome), and what's more, it's going to be in an upcoming VW commercial. Meanwhile, we present to you the video for "40 Boys in 40 Nights", which one of your Jalopnik editors appears with orange hair. And y'know, it's kind of automotive. There's a van with a Danzig sticker on it piloted by a former member of Bratmobile in there, after all. Plus, we once made out in the back of a Volvo around the corner of the club where it was filmed. Can we also take this time to announce publicly that we've had a gobsmacking, drawn-by-Dan-Clowes-dork-style crush on Donnas guitarist Allison Robertson since she hailed us to come over and chitchat during the 2000 Warped Tour in SF? Hi Allison! We're dorks! Love us!


The Donnas [Myspace]

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Stick It In Your Eye

I know it might be controversial but I think they should have covered "Pop Goes the World."

Don't be grumpy boys, those girls might talk to you, too, if you stopped saying they suck... girls don't like that. More wisdom of the female variety later.