Volkswagen AG: No Scirocco for US!

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Bah. After all the loose talk over the past year, we now must report the Volkswagen Scirocco won't make it to the states after all. The Paris launch for the Iroc Concept should have tipped us that the company was planning a Euro blitz without corresponding US assault. According to Automotive News, Adrian Hallmark, EVP of Volkswagen of America Inc., said emphatically, "We don't want it." (Who's this we, white man?) Nonetheless, skeptics' assertions that that the Scirocco would never be allowed to cannibalize sales of the GTI were on the money; both cars are built from the Golf platform. Also, VW America isn't sold on the potential for coupes and hatchbacks in the US market. That'll teach us to let nostalgia get the better of our judgment.


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Mike Spinelli

Yeah. Hallmark is totally not getting a birthday card from us this year.