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Woodward Dream Cruise: Good Morning From Woodward!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Jalopnik’s Euro-flavored team is already here on Woodward. Keeping with our theme of driving a movie car at the Woodward Dream Cruise, we’ll be cruising in a Transformers logo-emblazoned Camaro after driving Knight Rider's KITT last year.


It’s barely past breakfast time on a lovely Michigan morning and Woodward Avenue is already abuzz with the sound of Detroit automobiles. We are generally concerned for the safety of drivers of the lone Toyota or two meandering onto the Avenue. The Dream Cruise is about as American as you can get without landing a manned spaceship on the Moon.

We will be out cruising in a yellow Camaro 1LT RS given a Transformers makeover by its makers: black stripes and robot decals. Please wave if you see us or if you're in the vicinity of the Starbucks at 13 Mile and Woodward.


Rumor has it that certain members of our team refer to this particular Camaro not by its proper moniker of Bumblebee but by the more feminine name of Edith. Which is all wrong: her name is actually Phyllis. Phyllis with the V6.

Everything appears to be set for an exciting and undoubtedly surreal day. Don’t go away.

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