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That's right boys n' girls, I'm cruising down Woodward Avenue today in the 2008 Woodward Dream Cruise in none other than the Mustang-powered KITT from the new Knight Rider TV show hitting NBC this fall. Unlike most of those used in filming, this isn't a fancy-pantsified Mustang GT. Nope, it's a heavily-modified GT500KR, with light bar and all. I'm not sure what else I can tell you about the car as my drive impression's embargoed until September 1st, but let's simply say it's got more horsepower than the run-of-the-mill King of the Road. Screw it, there's 605 HP under the hood. But if you happen to be cruising down Woodward, or sitting on the sidelines today — keep an eye out for a midnight black 'stang with the cobra on the front — one of our team will more than likely be behind the wheel. Then remember to come back on September 1st to see Ben's review of the new beast from Knight Industries.
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