Detroit's Belle Isle, an island park that sometimes doubles as a track, is in the center of controversy because of increased police presence on the island. The number of arrests on the island have gone up in recent months — including one bizarre incident involving a woman speeding to a baby shower with a half-pound of marijuana.

It's not clear when this incident occurred, but it was described in a recent conference with officers who patrol the island addressing concerns that police force is too strong there. The speed limit on the island park, taken over from Detroit by the state this year, is 25 mph; state officers regularly bust speeders and discover other infractions, such as outstanding warrants and open intoxicants.

Per The Detroit News:

Among the arrests, police said, was a woman stopped for speeding while driving to a baby shower on the island. Officers found she had no valid license, a warrant for her arrest and a half-pound of marijuana stuffed in a diaper bag that was "going to be the gift," police said.


More specifically, as WWJ reports, a gift for "the person who was having the child." (So was that for the mother or the father? Because technically...)

It should be noted that civilians aren't the only ones caught in the crossfire; Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, a known speeder, was also pulled over on the island.