Woman In Rolling Sebring Passed Out Cold On San Diego Freeway

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Now, before we all jump to very reasonable and probable conclusions about intoxication, please keep in mind this woman was driving a Sebring, and passing out cold is just part of the driving experience. That said, it's lucky she didn't get killed/kill anyone, and that CHP officer handled this remarkably well.


A passerby approached the vehicle, stopped in heavy traffic on the 805 this past Friday, and banged on the windows and yelled in an attempt to get the woman to wake up, to no avail. Soon, a CHP officer arrived to attempt to wake/extract the woman and get the car out of the way, but at that moment her foot slipped off the brake and the car began to roll.

The whole incident was even captured on video:

Eventually, the CHP officer managed to catch up with the rolling car, smash the car window and extract the woman, whose outfit suggested both warm weather and a night out. The 25 year old woman was arrested on suspicion of DUI. That's quite a hunch.

This woman clearly had no business driving. I'm sort of amazed she managed to make it onto the highway and stay in a lane before passing out; it seems as if she did manage to slow down before blacking out? If she had managed to at the very least get to the shoulder of the road and get the car in park, this could have been a much less serious incident.

The takeaway here? If you're so drunk you feel like you're going to pass out, your car is a fine place to do that. As long as you keep the car, you know, immobile and off the roads. I mean, holy crap, right?



From what I've been told, you can still be convicted of DUI/DWI even if you are sleeping in your car drunk. So, what that person told me is to put your keys in a place where they are not easily accessible from yourself such as the trunk of your car (which can be a problem if you are driving a station wagon or hatchback). Glove compartment, underneath the seat, next to the gas cap is not enough.