Woman Claims To Be God, Sets Car On Fire In, Duh, Florida

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In a refreshing change of pace from the clichéd burning bush, an entity claiming to be God set her Scion TC on fire. The woman/self-identified deity then proceeded to sit down in the middle of US-92. Also pertinent: there were two dogs in the car and experts suggest this woman probably isn't God.

We've sort of laid off the Florida stories for a while, but hearing about this makes me a bit nostalgic for a certain animated GIF I'm pretty certain will be appearing right below this post before too long.

The woman, Alexandra Barnes, lit the Scionic bonfire at a Daytona Beach gas station, stealing a lighter from behind the counter to ignite her gasoline-soaked car. She started yelling that her babies were in the car, and those babies proved to be of the canine variety, who were rescued by Larry Romero from a business next door.


A very poetic witness described the scene as

"It was just lit up into flames, like 15 different barbeques going on, huge into the sky."

Fifteen barbecues going on. Huge into the sky. He makes it sound sort of beautiful.

(Source: WFTV Channel 9)

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Andy Sheehan, StreetsideStig

Claiming to be God, or claiming to be a god?