Wizard Of Audi: Automaker Unintentionally Shows How Sausage Is Made...Err...Lit

Sometimes I feel like marketing a new car is kind of like making sausage. Sure, the end product looks like it could taste great, but you just know the process to get there is messy. And what about actually knowing what's in it — forget about it! But basically, it's the job of the marketing team at an automaker to make that sausage look as inviting as possible in the hope you ignore how it got there and what little bits n' pieces you'll find inside. Sometimes it's by dressing it up with pretty colors and all the available options (now in leather!) but apparently it's also about the lighting. That's what we've determined after seeing this picture that's accidentally made its way on to the Audi media site. It's what looks to be the same picture we've got up here — except they didn't quite crop it correctly, leaving in the bits n' pieces that help to make the new Audi S5's interior look as bright and shiny as it does in all of the PR shots. Here's the undoctored picture and here's the cropped version. Isn't it fun watching how sausage is made? [Hat tip to Philip!]


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