Audi S5 Images Revealed

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Information wanting to be free and all that, another set of Audi photos leaked earlier today. They're some press shots of the S5, the A5's sportier, likely V8-powered sibling. Insiders are split on whether the S model will debut alongside the A5 at the Geneva show next month. Nonetheless, most believe it'll be powered by the company's sublime 4.2-liter V8 and come in DSG and six-speed configurations. We'll have more as it leaks. Shots of the RS5 later today? Anyone?



Audi A5 Images Go Netward Ahead of Geneva Reveal [internal]



If it's the current S4 engine, then it'll be putting out 340HP. I don't think that'll cut it in a new Audi model with the new M3 over 400HP; it probably won't cut it with the e46 M3 at 333HP. They should slap the RS4 engine into it, which I guess they'll do in an RS5 model.