Witness A Nutcase Set A 59.55 MPH Land Speed Record On An Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards are the newest form of terrifying personal transportation, and as with anything that moves, somebody wants to set a record. Mischo Eban officially set the Guinness World Record for fastest speed on an electric skateboard, and as a victim of skateboard violence, it looks absolutely nuts.

This is the first time somebody has tried to set the record for fastest speed on an electric skateboard, according to Popular Science, but that doesn’t mean that 59.55 mph on on a piece of wood with plastic wheels isn’t a record-worthy achievement. The rider, Eban, previously set the Guinness World Record for fastest downhill skateboard speed, which was a blinding 80.74 mph back in 2012. I get speed wobbles riding down my driveway, man.


The electric skateboard is called the Nextboard, which comes from a startup of the same name and isn’t yet available to purchase. The record was set on a stretch of runway measuring 328 feet (or 100 meters) after multiple attempts, some ending in a 50 mph face grind.

The Nextboard electric board is allegedly four-wheel drive and the production version is planned to have a range of around six to nine miles, which is pretty impressive.

I won’t be getting one.

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Back in the stone age, when I was about 14 or 15, I hung on to the side of my cousins car in a large, empty parking lot while he slowly accelerated to about 20mph. The speed wobbles started at about 15mph, by the time we hit 20 I was holding on for my life

I wasn’t riding some piece of shit board with crappy trucks. All told, I probably had $350(which was a lot of money to spend on a skateboard in the mid-80s) in my board. I was pretty good, for a kid who only got to ride on weekends. When I was 16 I was skating an empty pool with my cousin and some friends. I was up on the side of the pool and my wheels hit some moisture. Instead of doing a trick, the board went flying and I landed on my right hip from about 12 feet in the air. On cold, wet days that hip hurts sometimes.

That was the worst pain I’d ever experienced, until a few years later when I blew out the ACL in my right knee.

*limps out of room, gets on Rascal, does a wheelie and gives everyone the finger.*