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A Jalopnik reader spotted Berlin's favorite taxi roaming the streets of Aurora, CO, where Mercedes-Benz regularly drives its test vehicles. It's the upcoming B-Class, Mercedes' mini-minivan that could be coming to the US for the first time next year.


Our spotter couldn't tell if this camouflaged B-Class sounded like the car's 1.8-liter diesel engine, or one of the B's 1.6-liter gas motors.

Mercedes-Benz already sells the B-Class to our moose-herding northern neighbors, and Autoweek and others are claiming that the B will be US-bound for 2013.


But will it end up being your town's next tipsy taxi? Given the Mercedes-Benz strategy of up-selling base models here in the U.S. with a luxury brand's price point? Probably not.

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