Will the Oval Survive? Ford's Crucial Next Launches

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AutoWeek runs down the next three 2007 product launches from Ford, gauging them in terms of crucialness in the company's plan for rebirth. These launches are, in order of importance, the Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX, Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator and 2008 F-Series Super Duty. Get our take after the jump.

1. The 2007 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX crossovers.
Plan 1 in Ford's move away from the minivan market. They're neck-in-neck with GM to see who can get this new breed of half-caf SUVs in front of the country's moms quicker. But will Lincoln's MKX lure buyers away from the Acura RX?; and will a set of 27s with spinner hubs even fit on one? Importance: Off the charts.


2. The 2007 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator.
Considering its latest sales figures for large SUVs, GM — which has beaten Ford to market with its redesigned large SUVs for 2007 — found that better may not be enough in this tough market. They also need, say, cheaper gas and a national uptick in pleasure-boat sales. Still, they need the high profit margins, if not the CAFE credits. Importance: Big.

3. The redesigned 2008 F-series Super Duty.
The big boy. Could start an arms race among plumbing contractors and the electricians who sweat their pipes. Importance: 240V.

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