Like OMG, LOLROTFL: The Lincoln MKX on MySpace

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It's like an alternate sci-fi universe where every sellable product is anthropomorphized to become a kind of friendly sidekick — a glorified pen pal ready to laugh at your jokes, instant-message streams of abbreviated expressions of delight long into the evening and post naked pictures of itself with all the naughty bits blurred out. But it's not an alternate sci-fi universe, it's MySpace. The latest automaker to jump aboard the Dateline NBC "Predator" Express (c'mon, we kid MySpace) is Lincoln, whose upcoming MKX crossover is apparently a 30-year-old female from the United States with requisite friends and a breathlessly self-absorbed curriculum vitae. No, FoMoCo marketers can't drop the hyperbolic bullshit for even a second, can they:

Who I'd like to meet:

Self-made optimists who are proud of who they are and where they came from

Entrepreneurial spirits who are always looking for the next opportunity

Successful men and women who balance their busy lifestyles with style and flair

Embracers of life's challenges and celebrators of its successes

Those who are driven to do more and to dare more


Lincoln MKX [MySpace]

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