Will Pontiac Go With the Screaming Chicken or the Goat?

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Will dealerships resemble flaming aviaries or well-gnawed gardens when Pontiac gets its own version of the Zeta-platform coupe? It sounds like the GM division's leaning toward another iteration of the GTO moniker, according to Car and Driver. While the last model, despite its obvious horsepower and handling charms, failed to deliver the magic spark of essential GTO-ness, Pontiac seems to see it as a vehicle that wouldn't simply be a badge-engineered version of the Camaro. As it stands now, GM seems to think there's only room for one Zeta-derived coupe under the Pontiac banner, so if we do get a GTO, don't stick your head under water while waiting for a Firebird. You'll likely end up with prune-head. And you can't make your donuts with prune-head.


2010 Pontiac Firebird or GTO? [Car and Driver]

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Screw that, how about both?

I don't think it would be hard to pull off a version of the Camaro for Burt Reynolds and his army of diehards to terrorize Wendy's parking lots with, while importing the inevitable Commodore coupe from Australia when that's released. Maybe give it a new body so it'll be like the evolution of the '64 to '67, and subsequent wilder (and uglier, IMO) versions afterwards.

Of course, this new GTO is probably going to be "wild" and borderline hideous so the sniveling geezers in their Harleys will quit crying about how boring the old one looked. There, you got your goddamn tacky Snap-Tite hood scoops, are you done complaining now, Brock Yates? Sheesh, it's never an easy day for a GM designer. Ed Welburn deserves a raise (especially after that pointless CTS ad).

Took me a while to figure out why you tagged it with Lust for Life. Drive a GTO, right.