Never Mind The Horsepower: Special Edition Esprit Firebirds

In the dark days of the late 70s, Firebirds could be ordered with the 17-horsepower 301, the 22-horsepower 305, or the 30-horsepower 350. OK, I'm exaggerating the Malaise Factor a bit here, but the reality was nearly as gloomy. However, all was not dark in Firebird Land; you could substitute snazzy decals and color schemes for power! The Special Edition Firebird Esprits were made from 1977 through 1980 and included the Sky Bird (1977-78), the Red Bird (1978-79), and the Yellow Bird (1980). Imagine it- blasting "Highway To Hell" on the 8-track as the tube-top-wearing foxes fight over who gets to partake of the stash of Acapulco Gold in the glovebox- why would you care that a cement mixer could beat you in a stoplight race?

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