Why You Should Know Your Limits Drifting A Subaru

Snow has something like a siren's call on gearheads. We dream of empty, twisting, sliding roads like this, and we long for something four-wheel-drive to really exploit them. Just don't drive into a snowbank like this guy.

Even when you're very much living the dream – driving your own 2002 Bugeye Subaru WRX with an STi motor on snowbound mountain roads – you have to keep your wits about you or you'll drive your car right off the road. Nothing was hurt, at least, so long as you don't count the Scooby and the driver's pride.

(Hat Tip to: Xander Crews, Proud of BOXER!)

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SR20-El Heffe del dinero

Why I learned to keep my whits about ne when drifting a Subaru.

It was 2006. I had my Restoration shop, and my best friend from Indiana had moved out to work with me. He had a 2002 Wrx in white, factory wingless. It was stock and just flat out gorgeous. Being best friends we drove eachothers cars frequently and hooned them quite a bit.

One day I was driving back to the shop and encountered a rotary (roundabout) that I have always loved drifting. I'm not as used to drifting an awd car though. I came into the first part at WOT in second gear and a quick e brake grab. The car made it through beautifully. Then comes the exit onto another road. I throw in oppositelock and back down the throttle a bit. The car gets traction and allows me to go the direction I'm wanting.

I then realize another car is coming the road towards me and I'm a bit in his lane. I do the stupidest thing ever... I lift.

Car snaps out of the powerslide, and turns to face directly at the 13" high curb. I hit that curb at about 35mph. Ruined the subframe, front bumper, bumper support and 1 control arm.

Among all things realized the biggest is, NEVER LIFT!!!

Snap oversteer is a bitch (not the commenter), especially when you realize all you had to do was stay true to the hoons first commandment.