Why Wouldn't You Need LED-Illuminated Floor Mats In Your Audi?

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Audi made the most of its inaugural appearance at the SEMA custom car show by unveiling the world's first illuminated floor mats, made of an LED pad sandwiched underneath the vehicle logo. Next stop: rubber-ribbed iPads for your muddy Testonis.

Audi said the mats, available as a dealer add-on, could be customized to different colors, light intensity and materials. The German luxury brand also showed off the first in-car wireless charging system for iPhones and other portable devices, and a iPhone app that can plug into an Audi's vehicle diagnostic center and analyze its carbon emissions. When it comes to modern German luxury sedans, there's apparently no such thing as too much technology.

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The germans used to think Luxury meant building something with an unapologetic attitude towards build quality. Building in strength you wouldn't need, doors that would support 2 fat people each. Space that was simply unnecessary, seats made of such a quality that it didn't much matter that the suspension was ridiculously over engineered for a quality ride.

In the new world, The Germans simply don't apologize for their [poor] build quality. But they still provide things you dont need. Putting lights in a place only the bottoms of your shoes will see, air conditioned glove boxes. vehicle diagnosis on your phone for something your never going to care about because, as German luxury buyer, you feel that cars that need service are for the poor no matter what the dash or your phone says.

I guess its not too far removed from traditional Teutonic Automotiv values after all.