Why Watch TV When There's Live Off-Road Racing On Your Computer Right Now? [Update: Broadcast Over]

The 2017 King Of The Hammers event is raging all week in Johnson Valley, California. If you’re anywhere near it, you should get your butt out here to see the races for yourself! Then again, the quality of this livestream broadcast is absolutely unreal. Check it!

Update: This event has concluded. But we have more King Of The Hammers coverage for you.


What you’re watching now (Wednesday, February 8th) is qualifying for a race coming up later in the week. Check out the KOH schedule for a full appreciation of what’s going on, or you could just enjoy the jumps and dust and helicopters!

KOH is the season finale for a racing league called Ultra4. If you know about it, you know it’s amazing. If you don’t, the easiest way to break it down is: Jeeps on steroids. More specifically, V8-powered 4WD buggies that have to race over extremely technical rocky terrain sections as well as wide-open fast sections of desert.

You have a better view than these guys!

The main event and title race goes down on Friday. I’m taking my 1975 International Scout with my dirt bike in tow tomorrow, while yet another race is going on. You’ll be able to watch that from your computer too while I’m on the side of the road scratching my head at whatever falls off.



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