Holy Crap You Could Watch Rock Crawler Racing Live From The Desert [Update: Broadcast Over]

We’re in the throes of King Of The Hammers Week 2017, where all kinds of motorized mayhem is going down in the harsh wasteland of Johnson Valley, California. Tonight, scratch-built 4x4s are clawing up paths that would make mountain goats nervous in the Vision X Shootout, which you can watch in real time from the comfort of your computer! What a time to be alive.

Update: The livestream for this event is over. But if you’re reading this before February 11th, you can check in with KOH action all week on the Ultra4 website!


King Of The Hammers is a whole week of “cars,” camping and calamity. Enjoy this rock-crawling action tonight, and get stoked for similar insanity right up until the main event on Friday.

The event has been growing for years, and they’ve messed around with lives streaming before, but this is the first time I’ve seen live video of this kind of event captured in such glorious clarity! I can’t wait to get out to this dry lakebed on Thursday. And I hope you can join me. But if you can’t, hang out from your house via livestream!

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