The Scion brand was launched in the early 2000s to get people under the age of 90 hooked on Toyotas. There was just one problem, according to Regular Car Reviews: Aging Baby Boomers were the ones who really bought them.


It wasn't because the younger generation didn't buy into Scion's techno-heavy, ultra-pandering marketing schemes. At least, not entirely. It's because Scions like this second-generation xB were affordable and easy for arthritic retirees to get in and out of. That's it.

It's pretty much universally agreed that the second-generation xB was a swing and miss compared to its funky, JDM-tacular predecessor, but the Early Bird Special crowd at Golden Corral didn't care. Scion today soldiers on thanks largely to the FR-S but sales have plummeted since its mid-2000s peak, and it's painfully clear the brand hasn't taken the youth market by storm like it once promised to.


Oh well. Your grandparents just love their xB, and that has to count for something.

Hat tip to TillTheWheelsFallOff:Brocma!

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