Why SF Cops Filed 98 Speeding Tickets In 10 Hours On One Road

Two San Francisco cops filed 100 tickets in 10 hours on this one stretch of road, 98 of which were for speeding. It's pretty clear why.

The road in question is Fulton Street, which Stanley Roberts of KRON4's People Behaving Badly dubs the 'Fulton 500' for its speeders. Car after car flies by north of 40 mph (some cresting 60), though the speed limit fluctuates between 35 and 25.


Roberts posted by a cop with a radar gun at one such 25 mph zone to see speeders getting pulled over. Why the low limit? There's a senior center right on the busy arterial road, right along the city's Golden Gate Park.

It's no surprise cars are going this fast on this road — it's four full lanes wide. Many of those pulled over complained they couldn't see the speed limit sign, which might be the right size for a road where people are actually driving 25 miles an hour, but looks somewhat minute on a road where people are nearing 50.

I'm not saying that it's wrong to have a low limit next to a senior center, I just don't think SF should be surprised that they're getting so many speeders on this stretch of asphalt.

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