Why Owning A Lamborghini Countach Is A Gigantic Adventure

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Harry Metcalfe is here to answer all the questions you had about the Lamborghini Countach, but were too afraid to ask.

For example: what happens when one of your 345 wide Pirellis at the rear give it up on the go? This, and much more about the most powerful naturally-aspirated Countach ever, the 5000 Quattrovalve.


In the latest episode of Harry's Garage, we finally get to know everything about his Lamborghini Countach QV, the ex London Motor Show car that happens to have its wing on at the moment despite the part doing nothing but increasing drag and lifting up the front, which is not something you want in a supercar with the same sort of performance on tap as a Ferrari 288 GTO. Yep, this is a fast one.

Owning, and more importantly driving a Countach for four years is quite an adventure. You have to learn where not to spray water at the car wash, be patient enough for the massive V12 to heat up every time, figure out where the cold air is coming into the cabin and appreciate the fine details of a completely useless cassette player.

But before all that, you just look at the poster on the wall, roll up your sleeves and say right, I'm gonna drive a Countach today!