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It's easy to understand why people like monster trucks and jet cars: they're big, they're loud, and they're fast. But there's something deeper, and it's remarkably simple.


Not everyone is into monster trucks and jet cars. That's also understandable. They're pretty much absolutely pointless, good for no practical application whatsoever. That's something that UKPDXWRX touched on when we saw a monster truck v. jet car drag race today.

Jet cars are fun but a bit silly in that they have nothing to do with drag "racing", just drag "cool shit." You design them not to be too fast, as in theory if you have the money, you can build a jet car that does a 1/4 mile in a span of time approaching 0 seconds as you add thrust. The constraint is that you are at a drag strip and you're not allowed to kill yourself and everyone else.

I mean you could, in theory, strap two surplus J79's with original afterburner equipment to a tube frame chassis and run those things at full wet thrust. The problem at that point is not winning a race, it's avoiding takeoff. Wheels are just baubles on the tree in a vehicle that has something like four pounds of thrust for every pound of weight


That's when Leadbull explained exactly why these machines are so fantastic.

That's why jet cars have "exhibitions", not races. Sometimes it's great to be insane for absolutely no reason other than being insane.

There are moments when all that you want is insanity for insanity's sake. It's in those moments when you look to monster trucks and jet cars, because nothing else will do.

Photo Credits: Eric Savage, BenFrantzDale

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