Illustration for article titled Why Kit Cars Have A Bad Reputation: The Front-Engine Countach

Close the drapes and be certain young children are not in the room, for this is horror on an entirely inconceivable scale. The utter malice exhibited through this monstrosity should be punishable. We believe this was once a Fox-body Mustang; what it is now is a horrifying interpretation of a Lamborghini Countach (kind of), but the Craigslist seller doesn't deign to reveal anything else about the car, assuming the styling will stand on its own — and command $29,900. There is no question whether this is a Nice Price or Crack Pipe; This is "ten years strung out, sleeping in the garbage bins behind a Korean restaurant" level Crack Pipe. (Thanks for the brain-maiming tip Dylan) [Craigslist, Here if it disappears]

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