Why Do Rich People Put Stickers On Supercars?

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Don’t they know that they’re hurting us?

You know, us. You and me. The other people. The people who don’t have money to buy a LaFerrari.

When we see those supercars obscured with stickers and Twitter handles and hokey sayings, it pains us all. These are beautiful, lustworthy cars. They are to be appreciated not only by the owner, but by the viewer. By us idiots on the street, looking and gawking.

And then they cover that all up, destroying the vision and the ideal. They stick a wedge between us and our fantasy, that such a car might be ours someday. But instead the Lamborghini says @HotCarzMiami on it, or #EliteBrakePads or Pernelli Reserva Fine Aged Brake Fluid or whatever.


Usually, supercar owners put these things on for rallies. Why? There is no need for sponsorship, supercar owners. You own supercars. You have money.

Just drive your cars around as normal. We won’t miss you. You will be in a flashy car with weird doors. You will not need stickers to be recognized.

Why must you do this to us, supercar owners? Why do you have to sticker up your cars?

Top GIF taken from the Super Cars Arabia video above

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Freddy "Tavarish" Hernandez

Rallies mainly.