Why Do Audi Drivers Always Run From The Cops?

If a California Highway Patrolman walks out into the freeway carpool lane and points at you, you know you've just been busted for cruising solo. As you'll see in this video, it's not a good idea to take off once you've been pointed out.


People gave all kinds of excuses for driving alone in the carpool lane — late for work, couldn't see around traffic, I dunno, etc. But watch these two Audi drivers drop the hammer and go for broke.

Carpool lane violations aren't cheap — somewhere along the lines of $490 for first-time offenders — but they also aren't counted against your driving record. Running from the cops does, plus I'm sure the ticket is a lot more expensive.

I'd rather just sit in traffic and be late to work than have to stand off with Stanley Roberts. Where's Elmo shirt guy? Oh, right, he drove a BMW. (Hat tip to cesariojpn!)



This is a real system? A cop jumping out into traffic and pointing at random people? This seems terrible. Not only for the safety of the officer, but people are really supposed to be looking over 1-2 lanes for directions from a cop instead of paying attention in fast moving bumper-to-bumper traffic?