Any TV interview that ends with an effeminate BMW driver in an Elmo t-shirt screaming "Call 1-800-GET-THIN chubby butt!" is a good one, so respect the San Francisco cameraman at KRON-TV for holding his own against this law-breaking driver on the Bay Bridge.

Striking new, lower ground for BMW Asshats everywhere, this gentleman in an X3 gets busted driving in a "3+" carpool lane alone and yet, rather than cop to his own bad behavior, follows it up with a string of fat jokes leveled at Stanley Roberts, the man behind the camera.

Roberts isn't visible in this video, but he obviously has a sense of humor to go with his prodigious belly. Check out his edit.

UPDATE: Stanley Roberts, the cameraman, wrote in with a little correction. "Thanks for the write up and the plug…… FYI: I may have a slight stomach but its far from being prodigious …..As I say to my friends I'm not fat I'm big boned! (Eric Cartman, South Park)" Noted!

(Hat tip to Cesariojpn!)

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