Why Did Top Gear USA Have A VW Fastback Delivered To A Track?

While I was at California Auto Club Speedway for Ford's Fiesta ST WRC presentation (more on that soon) I saw a familiar yet unexpected shape trundle onto the hot tarmac: a VW Type III Fastback. Of course, I was drawn like a VW-loving moth to a VW-shaped flame.

The '73 Fastback was in quite nice shape, and sported some frenched-in headlights, taillights, indicators and, unusually, marker lights. It also had some nice aluminum bumpers, but other than that was pretty stock, down to its 1600cc engine.


Tanner Foust had no idea why it was there, but rolled his eyes affably as he muttered "Rutledge."

I found the owner, a friendly guy named "Yo" (or possibly "Yough") who was a proud member of the DTA Posse, which seems to stand for "Don't Trust Anyone" and that's all I know about that. He's a friend of Rutledge, confirming Tanner's suspicions, and he said he thought it was for a "PSA."


A public service announcement? From Top Gear and involving a VW Type 3? What could it be about? The perils of radiators? The virtues of dual trunks? Maybe it has something to do with the joys of driving slow, because Yo took that Type 3 on what may be the most leisurely tour of a coned-off rally circuit I've ever gradually seen.


Whatever it's for, I'm glad to see it getting some screen time. Plus, it looked pretty great next to the rally'd out Fiestas.

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