Why Did This Customer Trash His Nissan Dealership With An SUV?

Here is a security video showing a man who didn't get what he was looking for at his Nissan dealership. He got behind the wheel of his SUV and drove into the showroom, repeatedly ramming the cars inside. But why did he do it?

The Telegraph reports that the man behind the wheel is Dr. Kustov Michael, a regular customer at this Nissan dealership in Moscow. Last Saturday, he went to pick up his Nissan Navara pickup that had been waiting there since the first of the month, according to CarScoop.


According to different sources, Dr. Michael waited for somewhere between 20 minutes and several hours, and then got into his Suzuki Grand Vitara to trash the showroom. He was arrested when he eventually got his SUV stuck in an office. No one was injured.

If waiting for his truck to be fixed made him this mad, he'd be going postal if he was a victim in any one of our Stealership stories.

(Hat tip to $kaycog!)

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