With media outlets (including this one) constantly screaming "OMG STFU GAS PRICES!" you'd think there would be a small car revolution, balancing out the drop in truck sales. But Automotive News reported today that, though cars like the Civic and Yaris are improving sales numbers, products like the Chevrolet Aveo, Pontiac G5 and Mitsubishi Lancer are either stagnant or actually showing sales declines. What gives?

The article poses a few reasons, including things we've reported like supply-chain problems and the fact that the Aveo Sucks, but what of the Pontiac G5? Is it merely marketing, as AutoNews posits, or is something more insidious at work here? Are most small cars just too lame? Is the Civic just too good and the lure of SYNC-equipped Foci so great that other small cars are off-the-table in comparison? [Automotive News, Sub. Req.]