Civic Pries Best-Seller Crown Away From Ford F-150's Cold, Dead Hands

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After an eleventy-billion year reign as the nation's top seller, it looks as though the Ford F-150 has stumbled for at least one month.The month of May saw the Honda Civic overtake the F-150 in sales putting the Ford down in fourth place. Whaaa!? Indeed, 42,973 F-series trucks sold in May, against 52,826 Corollas, 51,291 Camrys and 53,299 Honda Civics. Since we know Toyota counts the Matrix towards Corolla sales, we'll discount that figure, but who cares? As we called (sorta) yesterday, Civic for the win. According to Jim Farley, Ford group vice president for marketing and communications, "That's just a sign of the times. I think May has been a watershed month." Do people care about gas prices? We think this means the answer is "yes." [Automotive News (Subscription required)]




@Gavin082: I agree with you on the bitching front. I am sick of people with gas-hogging cars bitch about gas. To be honest with you, I'm tired of hearing all the bitching about gas, including other motorcycle guys, but that's another topic entirely.

I've heard this sort of bitching too much lately, in all ways. I work with a guy who likes to bitch about how much the parts on his Infinity cost. The funny thing is how upset he gets when we tell him that luxury cars cost more to maintain. He looks at us incredulously when we tell him that he can get cheap parts if you bought the Nissan version of his car. LOL

I don't mind if city people want an F350, lifted 5 feet high, with a 5mpg big block... just don't bitch at me about your fuel costs or how much you have to spend on tires and transmission rebuilds.

On the same token... I don't mind if you want to bicycle to work and own a Prius for longer commutes... just don't bitch at me about how other people have bigger scarier vehicles or how they don't need them.