Laughing in the face of every fool who bought a short shift kit, this 2nd Gen Viper owner affixed a four-foot shifter to his car. There's no way this can be serious.

Technically speaking, the amount of physical effort needed to change gears with a longer shifter is reduced as it gets longer. There is, however, no logical justification for a shift lever that extends entirely out of the confines of your car. Either it's part of some Rat Fink tribute or it's just a joke. The owner's sideways hat was the first tipoff that this fully-functioning build is a parody, and the second clue comes in the YouTube description.

Warning this will not fit on a GTS or hardtop SRT10 Gen3 or 4 Coupe and would interfere with a convertible top when placed in the closed position.


What's the worst Viper mod you've seen? We've seen a Dodge Viper with a cheetah skin roof. That's a real thing.

(Hat tip to Hung Nguyen!)

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