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Who Is The Snazziest Car Executive?

Illustration for article titled Who Is The Snazziest Car Executive?

At the end of the day, the car business is just a business. It’s filled with PowerPoint presentations and projected earnings, and grey suits. Some executives do inject a bit of style into the proceedings.


The question came up today when we saw Elon Musk kicking up a storm about the New York Times’ review of the Model S. Reader Spencer Williams was drawn away from the question of range projections.

You know who looks really good in a velvet blazer? NO ONE EVER.

Swaggerific replied.

The guy is single handedly making electrical cars a reality. Also he has rockets at his personal disposable. The only other entities on the planet that can say that are the most powerful countries in human history. I think he can wear a velvet jacket if he wants to.


We’re inclined to agree with the guy named ‘Swaggerific’ when it comes to questions about swag, but what do you think? What car executive, of a small biz or a massive auto corporation, has the most style?

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I'd say Lamborghini CEO Stephen Winkelmann. Always clad

in the most expensive suits.