What did you miss early this morning? Sportscar365 featured this handy recap, just in case you also finally passed right out after watching fourteen hours straight of racing. Enjoy.

GTLM, if you haven't been paying attention to this race, is completely bonkers. The leader has changed more than the presidency of Thailand over the course of this race.


All of the highlights from GTLM:

  • Team Falken Tire's Porsche 911 RSR fell out due to crankcase issues.
  • The #4 Corvette C7.R gave the #44 Porsche 911 GT America of Magnus Racing and the #11 Prototype Challenge Oreca FLM09 some love taps. The Corvette team whips out the world's largest roll of yellow tape to put Vette-ty Dumpty back together again.
  • The leader in GTLM, the #25 BMW Team RLL Z4 GTE, decided it didn't like a sign that was beside the track and punted that sucker right out with the front of the car during an off-track excursion. Come to think of it, that car wanted to moon everybody, so it shed its rear bumper on the way off track, too. [More likely explanation: tired driver has involuntary off.] This caused them to lose some time and ultimately lose the lead.
  • The #3 Corvette Racing C7.R currently leads GTLM, up in 7th place overall.

In other classes, the pajama connoisseurs of Wayne Taylor Racing have reclaimed the lead overall in their #10 Corvette Daytona Prototype. In the 20th hour of the race, Jordan Taylor bumped his way past then-leader Joao Barbosa in the #5 Action Express Racing Corvette Daytona Prototype with a love tap in pit-in.

Fan of fuzzy tiger prints Jordan Taylor has a reputation for turning out fast laps while minding fuel consumption, so he'll probably finish out the race for WTR.


Christian Fittipaldi went in the #5 Prototype after Barbosa, but Action Express sort of borked the driver change, putting them farther behind WTR's #10. Action Express remains in second place.

Other current leaders? The #54 CORE Autosport (yep, the same folks who run Porsche's Red-Bull-style factory effort again this year) leads Prototype Challenge. The #93 car of Riley Technologies' resurrected Dodge Viper SRT campaign just nudged out Alex Job Racing's Porsche 911 dream team of Leh Keen, Andrew Davis, Shane van Gisbergen and Cooper MacNeil for the lead in GTD.


I'm so conflicted. We'd love The Gis to prove the Bunny Bump, but how can you not love the Vipers being back and just as competitive as ever? V10 FTW!


There are two hours left in the race from now, so it will be interesting to see who catches up, who keeps their lead and any other shenanigans these teams can whip out before the end.

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