I seem to recall posting something about how amusingly aggressive the CORE Autosport/Porsche works team's 911 RSR drivers were at this weekend's Rolex 24 at Daytona. Well, they just took each other out.


Driver Earl Bamber of the number 912 Porsche claims that the 007 Aston Martin of The Racer's Group was side by side with Mark Lieb in the other works Porsche, number 911. Bamber's #912 had nowhere to go, so, he ended up taking out #911.

Spectators report the number 912 looking a bit squirrely under braking there. Number 911 was completely knackered from the wreck, with a locked rear wheel and a lot of smoke coming from the engine. Number 912 didn't fare much better:

Congratulations, CORE-sche. You are now the Red Bull of endurance racing.

Here's video of the actual impact, thanks to The Racer's Group:

[H/T Ryan Eversley for the video!]

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