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Which sports car is big enough for David Robinson?

Illustration for article titled Which sports car is big enough for David Robinson?

David Robinson is a big dude. Big enough to take the San Antonio Spurs to the NBA Finals and win, twice. He deserves a nice sports car but, at 7'1", he's not going to fit in a Lotus. Last night he asked for Ray Wert's help in picking out an Admiral-sized sports car and we're enlisting your help. Which sports car is big enough for David Robinson?


Our first suggestion is the Nissan GT-R. With its track-tuned AWD system and 530-horsepower V6 there's no doubting its sporting intentions. It's also gigantic (there's a reason why we call it Godzilla). With 44.6 inches of legroom and 35.8 inches of headroom it has more space up front than some sedans. If it works for Andrew Bynum it might just fit The Admiral.


Big dude. Comfortable sports car. Let's get some answers!

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turd ferguson

For once, the answer is not a Miata.