In the world of star athletes there are celebs like Michael Phelps, satisfied with shiny black wheels, and then there are the afflicted. For example: Laker's Center Andrew Bynum with his "Giant Killer" Nissan GT-R and its $20K body kit.

For the $20K it'll cost you, the Wald Sports Line Black Bison body kit adds a Japanese-tuner-style aggressive touch, though we're not big on the black strip featuring various brands in an orange script. It works better on a Honda.

Performance upgrades are fairly standard and include an upgraded intake, freer-flowing exhaust, ECU tune and Turbosmart dual-port blow-off valves. And of course, because he's still a young and wealthy athlete, there are the expected 21-inch black wheels, but at least these are forged aluminum instead of chrome.


The car is featured in this month's issue of Super Street.