Tony Stewart is the three time and defending NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion. He's known for his tenacity on the race track as well as his attitude off of it.


And apparently, for good luck, he grabs Kevin Harvick's wife's rear before each race. And he's been doing it for years.


Stewart and Harvick are close friends and this has apparently been a ritual for a number of seasons.

But is there a number of times he has to do it before a race? Does he grab the left cheek at certain races the right one at others? What did he do while DeLana was pregnant? Tony Stewart's nickname is "Smoke," so does Harvick refer to this as "blowing Smoke up his wife's ass?" Was that totally inappropriate?

So many questions. We tried to find out, but Tony, Kevin, and DeLana's butt weren't available for comment.

(Hat Tip to Tim!)

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