Which Car Company Did 'Same Sausage, Different Lengths' The Best?

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There was a line about BMW in the 1990s that their lineup looked so similar it was like they were "selling the same sausage in three different lengths."


That line was actually spurred on by the car above, the E38 7er. It was a bit boring, I guess, and a bit hard to differentiate from a cheapo E36 3er, but it's still a very handsome car.

The question is, did BMW in the '90s do the very best incarnation of slapping a corporate face on all of its cars? Of sticking to a single corporate styling language altogether? Current Audis certainly seem to be putting up a challenge, and back in the 1960s corporate styling was completely king among all of the Big Three.

What car company from what era do you think did the most strict interpretation of the same sausage, different lengths ethos?

Photo Credit: BMW


Currently, Audi. Seriously, from A3, A4, A6 and A8, they all pretty much look the same from most angles. You need a banana for scale to figure out which is which. At least they're all the same sharply cut suit.