Whew! That was fast — everyone, let's all welcome Chryslerberus! [Detroit News]


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Chryslerberus raises it's three LaSorda, Bernhard, and Snow heads. Will it turn ugly and heads start eating each other?

Hmm...let's see. What could make that happen?

A) $20B in debt, 10% self-financed by CRSLRBRS

2) Snow: "LaSorda can draw on experience of Bernhard and other Cerberus advisers as he works to restore Chrysler to profitability"

III) Building cars no one wants much less is ordering but making dealers buy them?

FORE!) Building stupid cars like the Compass for bobble-headed drivers?

Live@5) $19B in health care costs?

SEX!) The never-ending-and-always-increasing targets for cashflow into the CerebusCapital accounts?

Se7en) Some of the above?

Ate) All of the above?