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Where Would You Swap Mercedes' New Straight Six?

Illustration for article titled Where Would You Swap Mercedes New Straight Six?

Mercedes brought back the straight six to their engine portfolio after nearly two decades out of major use. It’s a classic engine, and I think it could do well in a classic car. But which one?


I most particularly like M-B inline sixes because they sound so good. Even BMW I6s can sound kind of noisy when compared to the pure aural goodness of something like an original 300SL.


So I’m pretty excited to hear this new 3.0-liter unit. There’s lots of cool tech in it too, turbo’d and hybrid-ed to the tune of 408 horsepower.

Mercedes is going to put this thing in the current S-Class. I myself would jam one into a C126 S-Class coupe. Those cars were at the top of the world back in the ‘80s, but they were along way from powerful by modern standards. They look brutish, I think one could deserve a really strong motor.

What would you swap a new Mercedes straight six into?

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Straight 6 3.0L swap would be perfect for my 300TE. Out with the old m103 in with the new. And going from 175hp to 408hp would be like having an instant Hammer Wagon.