Where Would You Put A 1.0L Ford Ecoboost?

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Today we saw Ford take the engine block for their new three-cylinder Ecoboost engine through airport security, just because they could. That gave us an idea.

It's one thing to put an engine in a suitcase, but we much prefer them in cars. While we like how small and light the block is, the power density is just as impressive. This is a 120 hp/liter engine, and GuacamoleFire started thinking about how that compares to old American motors.


For comparison, Ford's Windsor 255 engine would put out 120 hp. That's a 4.2 L V8 engine (!) moving behemoths like the Ford LTD, and this particular engine was de-bored to meet fuel restrictions back in its day.

Now, let's get a 1.0 Ecoboost Focus and put a huge turbo on it and make the ultimate 3 cylinder sleeper.

The spare room under the hood of that 1.0L LTD would be hilarious, but we'd want to stick the little motor in the front of an Austin-Healey Sprite and go blasting around. So what car do you think deserves an Ecoboost engine swap?

Photo Credit: James Justin

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Take two of them, join em side by side, drop em in a Miata.

Boom. 2 liter, twin turbo V6 240hp Miata.