Where old Canadian trucks go to die

Car lovers are losing junkyards like the ones shown to time, increased environmental regulation and the rising cost of scrap metal. As the amount of old untouched junkyards dwindle catching a glimpse of the ones that remain, like this collection of old trucks in Canada, becomes that much cooler.

During our weekly perusal of Flickr this past week we came across these excellent Canadian junkyard pictures shot by user runran. According to the user these pictures were taken outside the town of Lashburn in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan along Highway 16 west. Even with directions we didn't have the same luck as last week locating the yard on Google Street view (Anyone able to find it?).


Even if we couldn't pinpoint the exact location of the junkyard, these excellent pictures were more than enough to get an idea of the place. I can't say I've ever seen such an eclectic assortment of oddball vintage trucks and commercial vehicles in one place. It appears some of the more complete examples are for sale. From the appearance of the trucks they have been where they sit for some time and taking on one of these as a restoration project would not be for the faint of heart.

On a small scale trying to accurately identify each of these old trucks by year model and manufacture is an equally daunting task. These trucks include a lot of large commercial trucks that rarely get the restoration or attention they deserve. After doing a little research, we were left with few conclusions besides the fact it must have been amazing to see these on the road.


Living in a place where finding a junkyard filled with anything old or interesting is an increasingly rare occurrence really makes you appreciate a scene like this. It's nice to know there are still untouched rows of old iron out there somewhere.

Special thanks to runran for taking these great pictures and allowing them to be shared.

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