There was just something about this rusted old Mustang found while perusing car porn on Flickr. Although the photo's from 2006, we wondered if we could find it in Google Street View. Turns out we could. Now the only question is โ€” is it still there?

Maybe it's just the combination of the bright lights at night and a rusty car. Whatever the reason, it grabbed our attention and held on for dear life. The photo, shot by Flickr user takomabibelot, was taken on Selway Lane in Silver Spring, MD the night of December 13, 2006. Even then, it already looked like it'd been nesting there for quite a long time. But, five years later, is it still there? Let's find out.


Thanks to the magic of Google Street View, we were able to locate the car from a different angle during the day. Since we know the Google Street View images were last updated in 2010, we know that sad 'stang's been parked outside for at least four years. There's the proof over there on the left.

Now, one year since those Google Street View shots, is it still there? Anyone care to head over to help us find out?


UPDATE: Jalopnik reader Douglas Sonders let us know on our Facebook page that he photographed some kids from a local band on the Mustang this past summer.

One of the photos is here over to the right and you can see the rest on the Flickr page for NoCoRock here. Now of course, these shots were taken six months ago โ€” anyone seen it since then?


Anyone still want to head over there and check out whether the sad-looking pony car's still dejectedly sitting outside? Let us know what you find in the comments below.

(Photo Credits: takomabibelot and Google Street View!)


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