Where Can We Autocross A Horch?

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People have autocrossed all kinds of bizarre cars, but how far could you push that envelope? More specifically, where can we autocross a Horch?

Horch was one of the top-tier luxury brands of the German auto industry from before World War II. They got started before the turn of the century in what became East Germany, and you've probably seen one of their rather imposing vehicles from the '20s or '30s, when they were the Auto Union's highest brand.


In the booming Hitler years, they made cars like this:


It's a 1938 853A Special Roadster with a body by Erdmann & Rossi, whoever they are. It won best in show at Pebble Beach back in '09.

The real question is, how the hell could we ever get our hands on something like that, and who the hell would let us autocross it? I mean, even a more ordinary Horch would do, like this 1933 830, the first V8-powered car from the brand.


The answers are likely nowhere and no one, respectively, but after a somewhat out-of-the-blue debate in the Jalopnik offices, I think there might just be a few wise souls who would be interested in seeing something like this happen.


Taking this as a bit of a thought experiment, where would we start?

Photo Credits: RM Auctions, Audi

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