The horns on a 1970 Triumph GT6
The horns on a 1970 Triumph GT6
Photo: Kristen Lee

What is the noise that emerges from the car? This is the beeping, the toot of the other wheel that doesn’t touch the ground through tires.


The honks. The toots. The hornenations.

Big beeps, bouncing up to your eardrums.

You see, from afar, the hand as it touches the wheel. Through the glass you see it. Light beams, reflecting to your eyes. You know, in this moment. That it is rocketing towards you.


This briefest of moments, electricity coursing through your brain, knowing that which will come. Anticipation, almost! It is not enough time. It is only the knowing, the recognition. Fear, excitement. These are all ahead of you. Now, though, there is only the wave that is Horn, your whole body lost in it.

These are those moments, captured, recorded, to be played again in wonder:

Not included, sadly, are the little horns:

The old horns:

Or the loud horns:

Boy, I thought there would be better horn videos. Honk it up! Honk the horns for me, on video.

Still, it may be impossible to assess all horns. There is no life long enough, to be stretched the length of that wave.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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