When You Want To Be A Tuner Car But You're Really Just A Grocery Getter

Remember in 2001, right around the time the general public was introduced to the import tuner scene by The Fast And The Furious and “roll call” or “shopping list” decals became a fashion statement? If you do, I don’t have to explain why this is funny.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, basically, it used to be pretty common to see Civics and Eclipses and Integras with decals repping brands running down the front of their doors. This was a combination of people trying to make regular cars look like race cars, and show cars showing love to sponsors.

This kind of thing is still pretty common in the show car world, by the way.

Anyway, it got totally out of hand as the import scene went semi- “mainstream” from around 2002 to 2010. As people started putting “Toyota Altezza style” clear taillights on everything from base model Accords to non-turbo Mitsubishis, random brand shopping list stickers started being common on the side of the sides of people’s doors.


So that’s why this Miata picture, alternate caption: “when your sticker guy gets your shopping list and sponsor list mixed up,” made me laugh. It’s a bunch of food items (obviously) laid out roll call style, in the fonts of auto parts brands NOS (nitrous oxide), Alpine (car audio), Momo (seats, suits, wheels), GReddy (turbo kits, other stuff), HKS (exhausts, computers, other stuff) and Pirelli (tires). Now that I’ve explained it I’m sure there are no LOLs left, but alas. Hopefully you didn’t read this far down.

Hat tip to Daniel who got this onto my Twitter timeline.

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Car show bro: “I see you got the ham and bread, but no cheese. Those ingredients are worthless without the cheese. I’m getting twin cheese put in mine, I won’t even need bread. ... No, I don’t actually own a sandwich, but my cousin does and he says you don’t need bread.