When Is A Car 'Overpowered'?

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A lot of people have been calling Dodge's Hellcat twins 'overpowered.' What does that mean?


Is 'overpowered' a question of how much horsepower you have that you can't put to the ground? That seems more like a function of a car's traction than its engine. You can get into a Toyota TS040 and hammer through turns flat out with 1,000 horsepower, all thanks to an excellent chassis, huge tires, and plenty of downforce.

Is 'overpowered' a question of how much horsepower you have that you can't rightfully use, traction or not? That seems more like a question of speed limits than anything else. Even a Subaru BRZ will happily lope along on your favorite 35 mph backroad at well over what's legal and that's criticized as one of the most underpowered cars on the market. By the same token, even a 440 horsepower Panamera GTS starts to feel curiously ordinary when you're on a de-restricted Autobahn.

What cars do you think are overpowered, and what do you think the term means?

Photo Credit: Kurt Bradley/Jalopnik


738 ft/lbs. From the factory. And that is detuned from 800+ due to traction issues.

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